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About Outreach Primary Care and Wellness Services
We take a patient-centered approach to treating each person who comes to us for holistic therapies.

At Outreach we believe taking a natural approach to healing is the best approach. While paying attention to science-based evidence, we strive to aid your body in healing itself. Our mission is to ensure you have the opportunity to explore alternative therapies in a safe environment.


-Annual Wellness Exams

-Diagnostic Care

-Medical Evaluation, Treatment, and Referral to Specialist


-Cardiovascular Disorders

-Colds and Flu

-Musculoskeletal Issues

-Chronic Illness such as Diabetes and Hypertension

Sometimes, Nature Can Give Us the Best Cure
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Holistic Medicine

CBD Oils, Nutrtion Products for Stress and Weight Loss, Anti-Aging Support and Hormonal Testing

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