Our Primary Care Doctors and Help you with the MMCC Program

We Are Here To Help You Find A Solution
We will make acquiring your medical marijuana card as pain free as possible! Capital Greens is a network of doctors licensed to help patients obtain a medical card. We have several locations, making both scheduling and attending your appointments very convenient. Our doctors care about you and are dedicated to helping you obtain not only a medical card, but a medical cure for your ailments.
Before Your First Visit
With three easy steps, we can assist you in obtaining medical cannabis as a natural alternative to pain and other ailments. Contact us today at 410-429-8690 with more questions. We are always happy to assist you in any way!

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    What To Expect At Your First Visit

    When you arrive at one of our clinics, you’ll sign in, provide us with a valid driver’s license or state ID and fill out some initial paperwork. From there, you’ll meet with a Vitals Consultant who will take your vital signs and go over your paperwork. They will discuss our wellness alternatives that best fit your needs from IV therapies to Cannabis alternatives. They’ll answer your questions and discuss your state’s medical program, safe access, and applicable laws. They’ll provide you with information on the use of medical cannabis, as well as potential risks and side effects. Then, you’ll meet with a licensed medical provider to discuss your medical history and various treatment options with B12 injections, HRT, chronic pain and mental health and cannabis for your qualifying condition. After the initial visit, our staff remains available for you to follow-up with should you have additional questions. 

  • Am I Eligible For Medical Cannabis?

    Patients who are able to safely access medical cannabis must first live in a state where it’s medically legal, have a diagnosed qualifying condition according to their state’s guidelines, and be certified by a qualifying physician in that state. We will assist you in determining if you are or are not eligible to receive a medical marijuana card. If you should need further information about your state’s specific qualifying conditions, we recommend visiting your state’s official website. 

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    How Long Does The Process Take?

    The process is relatively short and pain free. You will come in for an initial consult with one of our licensed doctors within our network. Upon completion of the screening with the doctor to determine eligibility, you will be ushered to a representative to have the various cannabinoids, cannabis, and the many forms of intake explained to you. After that, you will be given your medical card, if approved of and deemed medically fit by the doctor. 

Our Providers are Here for You!
Convenient Times. Convenient Locations. Optimal Care!

We have several locations, making both scheduling and attending your appointments very convenient. We understand your busy work schedule and have hours that extend past the average work day! In addition, we are open on Saturdays to see patients! Our providers' main goal is to advise patients to natural medicine! We want to do this in a way that will suit you! 


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We’re a no-judgment zone, so feel free to come to us with any questions or concerns.