How To Know if You Need an Annual Medical Check-Up

November 5, 2020 at 5:00 AM
This is a photo of an instrument used during an annual medical check-up.

Do you find yourself asking the question “Should I do an annual medical check-up?” When we feel healthy, we are tempted to skip our annual physical exam and the answer is often a resounding “No, I don’t need one.” But there are many benefits to a yearly exam, some of which we will cover in today’s blog. If you’ve started experiencing new symptoms or issues, an annual check-up is a good idea. If your doctor recommends one to monitor an ongoing issue, then you should definitely follow their advice. Ultimately, even if you don’t visit a doctor’s office any other time during the year, a yearly physical is your chance to address your health concerns with a medical professional.

Should I Do an Annual Medical Check-Up?

Yes, you should get a medical check-up every year. Though you may be the picture of health, a doctor may notice things about your body and health that you may not pick up yourself. A trained medical professional can recognize signs and symptoms that you can easily overlook or dismiss.

If you have ongoing, chronic conditions, it’s especially important to regularly schedule and attend annual medical check-ups. Your doctor will be able to keep an eye on your condition and adjust your treatment. An annual medical check-up is preventative care that can identify problems before they evolve further.

If You Need to Establish a Baseline

One of the biggest benefits of an annual medical check-up is establishing a baseline with your doctor and letting them know what is going on in your life. As our lifestyles change, our health often reflects that. Your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol levels are just a few of the things that can change. Knowing your vitals year to year is an important way of keeping you healthy. Ensuring your Immunizations are up to date is also often covered during your yearly physicals.

An annual medical check-up is an opportunity to talk to your doctor candidly and openly and to bring up any questions or concerns about your health. If you haven’t been a patient of your doctor’s for a long time, your annual physical check-up builds on that very important relationship with the one who is responsible for your health. Information you should relay includes any over-the-counter medications and lifestyle changes, to name a few.

If You Are of a Certain Age

For many of us, as we get older we tend to experience higher occurrences of health issues. That’s when annual check-ups become even more important. It’s recommended that even if you’re not in the habit of getting annual check-ups, you should be vigilant about them starting at the age of 50.

How Outreach Wellness Can Help

We have dedicated wellness exams for our patients where our physicians get to know you while ensuring that your health is staying on track. We perform detailed checks that take a holistic look at your overall well-being. Our clinic is judgement-free, so whatever issues or questions you have, we are happy to talk to you in an understanding and caring manner. Make an annual medical check-up part of your regular health routine with us.