Frequently Asked Questions
Become more knowledgable about medical cannabis in Maryland

Becoming a medical cannabis patient in Maryland has never been easier. Take a look at other patients' frequently asked questions and call us for further clarification or inquiries. 

  • What do I need to do to become a patient?

    ​A patient needs an in-person visit with a registered provider with whom the patient has a “bona fide provider-patient relationship”. If the patient meets the provider's criteria for treatment with medical cannabis, the provider will issue a certification. The patient must also register with the Maryland Medical cannabis Commission. We can do all of those things for you

  • What is the next step after registering and certifying?

    After you have visited a trusted provider at Capital Greens, and have obtained an MMCC number, call us and notify us that you have been approved with the state! Our providers will indicate in the Medical Registry that you are a patient. You can now visit a dispensary and purchase medical cannabis!

  • How do I know what to purchase at a dispensary?

    Your provider can advise and recommend a treatment option for you. While it is at your discretion to purchase what you deem necessary, our expert providers can consult you on treatment and can suggest levels and other cannabis characteristics.  

  • Do I need to come back for a follow-up?

    We are always happy to see you! We will schedule you for a follow-up appointment to track your treatment progress after 90 days. If you would like to see us sooner with any questions or concerns, call and schedule an appointment!

  • I believe that my minor can benefit from cannabis!

    ​Children who meet their provider's criteria for treatment can become legal patients in Maryland. However, children must have a parent or guardian serve as a caregiver. Ensure that you first register as a caregiver before scheduling an appointment for your minor. 

  • Is there a residency requirement to participate in the Maryland Medical Cannabis program?

    ​Any person who lives in Maryland can participate in the program.  

    Effective December 14, 2017 the Commission extended the administrative hold on out-of-state patient applicants until further notice. As a result of this hold, out-of-state patient applications will not be reviewed at this time, and applicants who live outside the State may not access medical cannabis at Maryland licensed dispensaries. 

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    There are two strains of Medical Cannabis.
    Sativa and Indica